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At 10 years of age, Lisa used to beg to address the Christmas cards. Addi always loved View More: and took Calligraphy classes in college. They became friends living in the same neighborhood raising their small children and realized they both shared a love for lettering! Both were often asked by friends to create chalkboards and other signs for them and one day when they had a chance to sell their work, they dove right in! That turned into many more amazing opportunities – selling at several boutiques & markets, creating custom designs for parties and weddings and doing design work for retailers and local AZ companies. After plenty of people asking, they also started teaching workshops and sharing their knowledge of the best chalk, how to create calligraphy with brush pens and everything in between! They continue to love to learn as much as they can themselves and love sharing that knowledge with others. They can’t wait to meet you at BASH!

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