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Rob Krueger is an American photographer based out of Chicago Illinois. His photography started as a hobby and lead him to try a class in High School. In a dark room with inspiration filling the air, Rob saw his pictures come to life; giving birth to a passion for the medium. He went 4 years through High School believing college was not for him. Although that faded during the fall of 2005 when Rob decided his passion in photography was worth supporting with a college education.

For the next three years he worked odd jobs and balanced 3 part time jobs while attending the College of DuPage as a full time student. This is where Rob shaped his understanding of photography and felt a four year degree could be in his future. Rob was the first of five children in his family to graduate with any degree and in May 2009 he graduated with honors and proudly received his Associates Degree in Photography. Being the youngest of his family it was a big deal for something so small.

Rob had no idea what was in his future and a year later was accepted to the University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon Rob’s first visit he knew this school is not where he should be. A week later he found his first photography related job and spent three years as a Studio Manager and learned about running a business but deep down Rob knew higher education was his calling. In the spring of 2012 Rob began a full time student career at Illinois State University. Each Monday morning at 5am Rob would drive 2 hours to Normal Illinois and attended classes for 10 hours each day until Thursday evening when he would return to Chicago to run his full time photography business. Rob maintained that schedule for two straight years. Again graduating with honors Rob obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art with a focus in Photography.

This is where thing got crazy for Rob and everything moved fast! He graduated in December of 2013, by April of 2014 he paid off his college loans in full and yes on his own, that following month Rob accepted an Adjunct teaching position where he once began his photography at the College of DuPage, this new position inspired Rob to begin a Photography and Business based Podcast called: Take & Talk Pics, and in April 2015 he launched the three day a week podcast.

His goal for the podcast was simple. “I don’t have any idea where this will take me but I am open and ready for any opportunity that may come.” After seven months and 100 episodes Rob was asked to help produce two additional podcast which are gearing up to launch in early 2016.

Rob now coaches small business owners on the growth and development of their business. He produces podcasts to see more successful shows take root in delivering valuable content and helping individuals build authority in their industry. Aside from his coaching, educating, speaking, blogging, hosting the Take & Talk Pics podcast, and producing other podcasts; Rob enjoys his still full time career as a photographer which has made everything possible.




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