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Roni Plascencia  is a mom of 3 who spends her day taking care of her home and family. She is a World History major, and was teaching for a while at high school level. After her first daughter was born she discovered the love of baking and enjoyed  creating beautiful desserts. Roni grew up baking with her mother when she was younger and then finally decided to pursue baking as a hobbie. Shortly after, baking became a passion of hers that let her heal from postpartum depression after the birth of her first child. Roni  has since then used social media to create a small business. She began using Facebook at first and then instagram to expand her clientele and promote her desserts. Being an entrepreneur has helped Roni grow her business “Roni’s Sugar Creations.” It has been featured in magazines, blogs and expos.  Roni  has had the opportunity to make desserts for celebrities thanks to her growing business. Recently, she  has started her very own online store which offers decorating supplies. In the future Roni  hopes to open her shop in San Diego.

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