5 important tips to follow while using IGTV

IGTV or Instagram TV, is an extension of the Instagram application, which was specifically designed to compete against video-sharing giants like Dailymotion, YouTube, etc. IGTV has many cool features; you can make videos for up to an hour, unlike the Instagram app. Popular people and even people that are aspiring to start businesses and brands on it use it. IGTV’s demand has grown gradually; this is proven because celebrities, influencers, and big brands have all made their way onto this platform to expand their horizons.

IGTV should be tried by everyone, even people that use Instagram just to socialize. This tool is especially profitable for people that are in the marketing business and for people that are content creators. But if you are someone who wants to start an IGTV, then here are a few important tips you need to know.

1.     Make use of hashtags a common habit.

Hashtags work like magic; the moment you put a hashtag, you are directly linked with the target audience, you are directly linked with all the videos related to that hashtag, and you are bound to get more viewers in a matter of hours. With the proper hashtags, your videos will be found by the people that you are looking for. So, when you want to see your video, all you have to do is you have to put the same hashtag you placed in your IGTV video, and you will see that your video will pop-up on the explore page. You can only add 30 hashtags, so search up what hashtags are relevant to your video, it is not hard, but it needs some getting used to.

2.     Share videos on stories and feed.

This is another important tip. Your goal is to gain as many viewers as you can. Hence, it is best to share your video on stories and feed. Whenever someone logs in on their Instagram, they can see your profile picture on the story section with a colorful orange bordering around it which is eye-catching and can make your viewers click on it. This is a great way to increase viewers on your IGTV video.

3.     Buy Instagram TV views.

This is a good way to kickstart your IGTV, many people provide such a service, and you can buy Instagram Tv views and help increase your IGTV audience. When people see that your IGTV has many views through this service, it will automatically make them want to click on your IGTV—it will benefit you a lot in the end. Any package you choose from services that offer IGTV views will help your IGTV channel to reach more audiences.

4.     Promote your video on various platforms.

This is a no-brainer, very important as well. The more platforms you share your IGTV video, the more chances you getting exposure. You can share it with email; you can share it on Facebook; you can share it on a blog or even on Twitter.

5.     Avoid making your videos have noise in them.

Many people hear a buzzing sound when they are watching an IGTV video, some people like to watch it on mute, so it is better for you to add captions in your video for such viewers who like to watch videos on mute. Also, use a camera that can reduce the buzzing noise, as it can be annoying for people who wear earphones.

Follow all these tips carefully; these tips are essential if you want to use IGTV. Whatever the reason you start an IGTV, following these simple yet important tips can make it easy for you to use this platform.